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Host FAQ

What does a host do?
Each group has one of more official hosts.

Hosts run the group events and are paid for their time and expertise.

Who manages the group?
Each group is managed by an Event Manager.

Event Managers are amazing people with amazing organisational abilities!

Each Event Manager is usually in charge of a number of groups, and their job is to:

  • Assess and approve new host applications.

  • Provide support and answer questions from hosts.

  • Assist hosts to choose event themes, plan, and schedule dates.

  • Make sure each event has everything in place before it goes live.

  • Resolve scheduling issues between hosts.

  • Troubleshoot technical issues.

  • Promote each event to group members.

  • Answer questions from group members.

  • Develop a sense of community among group members.

  • Ask for feedback on potential event ideas from members.

    Please note that event managers are unable to provide support via Phone or Zoom due to the number of groups they manage. They are also unable to meet in person as they are based all around the world!
  • How much are hosts paid?
    Hosts are paid according to a number of factors:

  • The length of each event.

  • The number of bookings on each event.

  • The hosts average review score.

    Minimum and maximum event payments are given in your trial class offer email.

    All Orble hosts are considered Independent Contractors who are able to set their own times and schedules and use their own equipment.

    Weekly event payments are made via direct deposit using Wise.com, or via a PayPal payment. The deadline for weekly invoice submission is Monday night. If you miss the deadline that's not a problem, you just won't receive payment until the following week.

    To submit an invoice login to Orble.com and go to your Calendar page. View past events and click on the "invoice" button.

    All reimbursement or expenses beyond the regular host payment must be approved in advance by your Event Manager.

  • Host often are events held?
    Hosts are encouraged to run at least one event every 3 months.

    Apart from that there is flexibility to run events whenever you like, however weekend mornings at 10am are usually preferred as that is when most people are available.

    The maximum events a group runs is usually one per week, however it depends on the number of group members and demand which can also be seasonal. The usual cadence is one event every 2 weeks.

    For groups with multiple hosts, the organiser will assist with scheduling to avoid conflicts and to make sure the right number of events are being run for the level of demand.

    How do I become an official group host?
    Apply here.

    Applications are approved based on their experience and qualifications.

    What is Orble?
    Orble.com is the online platform used to coordinate and manage the groups.

    Orble is owned an run by an Australia registered company, Orble PTY LTD.

    We are based in the wonderful Sydney, Australia!

    Our mission is to make the world a more fun and interesting place by fostering communities, and running amazing events for those communities that entertain, teach, and inspire.

    Orble has been running events since 2008, and now helps run over 400 active groups around the world.

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